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This, ladies and gentlemen, is the second most important aspect of taking on a character. Whether it be for Halloween or on the stage, costume accessories can make or break your look.

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Makeup transforms in instant, shoes give confidence and style. Wigs and wings can take us on a journey and tell your story with beautiful detail. Give that serious or sinister impression with our large selections of nun chucks, guns, swords, daggers, and more weapons found here.

Accessories are important from head to toe, and that includes to your finger tips. Don’t leave your digits exposed this Halloween. We have gloves for super heroes, villains, princesses, vampires, Goths and clowns. We have bow ties, cummerbunds, and suspenders to hold your costume together with that added class. Leg warmers and arm warmers to complete any 80’s or Goth costume. Clowns can browse in here too! We have plenty of cheery and fun bow ties and suspenders to keep your baggy pants and shirts where they should be! Be your favorite movie character whether it is Freddy Krueger or Edward Scissorhands we have their infamous gloves. Michael Jackson dazzled the world in his sequin glove; honor the late king of pop with this unforgettable accessory. Wolverine and Captain America, Star Wars and Power Rangers, Spiderman, and many more.

Halloween Wigs : Fairy Wings, Costume Shoes


Halloween Wigs : Fairy Wings, Costume Shoes

  • costume accessories
  • wigs for halloween
  • wings for fairies and angels
  • shoes and boots

  • stockings
  • petticoats for dresses
  • makeup for effects
  • weapons for kids
  • hats to keep it simple

Props to set the stage, and prosthetics to enhance your ghoulish visions for the home or theatre. So kings, queens, devils, angels, vampires and faeries; this section will take you from ordinary to extraordinary. Fact or fiction whatever your heart desires, all looks can be completed in this section.

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