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Walk, talk, and look as rich as an Egyptian in all our costume jewelry bling. Our selection leaves you looking fab and your wallet fat. Fake diamonds are girls best kept secret! All the looks you need for gypsies, Goths, vampires, Egyptians, nuns, thugs, pimps, and pirates! Bracelets, earrings, chokers, rings and necklaces can all be found here!

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70s Headband-Choker see more 70s Headband-Choker Cost: USD $5.91
Alfalfa Medium Brown 4 Wig see more Alfalfa Medium Brown 4 Wig Cost: USD $14.91
Anklet Gold Bell see more Anklet Gold Bell Cost: USD $5.91
Anklet Rhinestone Heart see more Anklet Rhinestone Heart Cost: USD $10.91
Asp Armband see more Asp Armband Cost: USD $5.91
Asp Snake Armband see more Asp Snake Armband Cost: USD $5.91
Asp Snake Headpiece see more Asp Snake Headpiece Cost: USD $16.91
Batman Ring see more Batman Ring Cost: USD $7.91
Belly Dance Jewel see more Belly Dance Jewel Cost: USD $5.91
Belt Metal Chain Gold see more Belt Metal Chain Gold Cost: USD $15.91
Belt Silver Coin see more Belt Silver Coin Cost: USD $34.91
Betty Boop Jewelry Set see more Betty Boop Jewelry Set Cost: USD $5.91
Big Daddy Bling Watch see more Big Daddy Bling Watch Cost: USD $15.91
Big Link Neck Chain see more Big Link Neck Chain Cost: USD $8.91
Bindi Carded Assorted see more Bindi Carded Assorted Cost: USD $5.91
Bling Rings Pimp see more Bling Rings Pimp Cost: USD $5.91
Choker Cross see more Choker Cross Cost: USD $5.91
Choker Single Leather see more Choker Single Leather Cost: USD $5.91
Choker Velvet Pentagram see more Choker Velvet Pentagram Cost: USD $5.91
Choker Velvet Spiderweb see more Choker Velvet Spiderweb Cost: USD $5.91
Coffin Pendant see more Coffin Pendant Cost: USD $6.91
Coin Adult Belt see more Coin Adult Belt Cost: USD $13.91
Combat Hero Bars see more Combat Hero Bars Cost: USD $6.91
Cross Pendant see more Cross Pendant Cost: USD $5.91
Day Of Dead Choker see more Day Of Dead Choker Cost: USD $5.91
Day Of Dead Necklace see more Day Of Dead Necklace Cost: USD $5.91
Dog Tag Necklace see more Dog Tag Necklace Cost: USD $5.91
Dollar Necklace see more Dollar Necklace Cost: USD $5.91
Dollar Ring see more Dollar Ring Cost: USD $5.91
Ear Cuff Snake see more Ear Cuff Snake Cost: USD $5.91
Earring Snake see more Earring Snake Cost: USD $5.91
Earring Wrap Skull see more Earring Wrap Skull Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Bat see more Earrings Bat Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Cat see more Earrings Cat Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Ghost see more Earrings Ghost Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Lightning see more Earrings Lightning Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Pumpkin see more Earrings Pumpkin Cost: USD $5.95
Earrings Rhinestone see more Earrings Rhinestone Cost: USD $21.91
Earrings Saber Tooth see more Earrings Saber Tooth Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Skeleton see more Earrings Skeleton Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Spider see more Earrings Spider Cost: USD $5.91
Earrings Zebra White see more Earrings Zebra White Cost: USD $5.91
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