Wearing the same familiar costume every year makes you tired & boring. Thatís why a makeover and a little experimenting is what everyone needs. The New Items for 2014 is the perfect place to start looking. Scout out for a fresh costume and decor ideas as this section holds the most uncanny, interesting and funniest costumes. Most new items are inspired by your favorite TV shows and movies. Our huge variety of decorations and props will astound you as they can be used for theme parties. Got a funky, fresh idea? You might just get what youíre looking for at Costume Circus in 2014

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Disguising or surprising, masks are a great way to complete any costume. Incognito, or attention grabbing, we have a variety of masks in many styles. Hiding just your eyes or covering your entire head, masks instill fear or give comedic relief. We have clown masks, alien masks, scary masks, gruesome masks, masquerade masks, phantom of the opera masks, ape masks, caveman masks, presidential masks, parody masks, serial killer makes, movie masks, you name it we have it! The classic comedy and a tragedy masks are great for a coupleís costume. Masks are a great way to enhance a costume or just using them alone still makes a statement and creates a character. Masks have a rich and amazing history, used throughout history in religious ceremonies and sacrifices, more commonly used in entertainment and theatre these days masks are a great source of imagination and the anonymity allowing your inhibitions to be tossed to the way side.

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1st Lady Mask see more 1st Lady Mask Cost: USD $26.95
Albino Ghoul Latex Mask see more Albino Ghoul Latex Mask Cost: USD $52.95
Alien Child Mask see more Alien Child Mask Cost: USD $14.95
Alien Chrome Mask see more Alien Chrome Mask Cost: USD $7.95
Alien Green Mask see more Alien Green Mask Cost: USD $27.95
Alien Grey Mask see more Alien Grey Mask Cost: USD $27.95
Alien Mask see more Alien Mask Cost: USD $27.95
Alien Mask W Cape see more Alien Mask W Cape Cost: USD $38.95
Alien Mask W Cape Child see more Alien Mask W Cape Child Cost: USD $28.95
Baboon Mask see more Baboon Mask Cost: USD $57.95
Bad Skin And Robbins Mask see more Bad Skin And Robbins Mask Cost: USD $28.95
Barack Obama Mask see more Barack Obama Mask Cost: USD $16.95
Barackula Mask see more Barackula Mask Cost: USD $29.95
Batman Vinyl 3/4 Mask see more Batman Vinyl 3/4 Mask Cost: USD $21.95
Bear Plush Mask see more Bear Plush Mask Cost: USD $8.95
Beetle Juice Mask see more Beetle Juice Mask Cost: USD $49.95
Bert Mask Vacuform see more Bert Mask Vacuform Cost: USD $7.95
Big Boss Clown Latex Mask see more Big Boss Clown Latex Mask Cost: USD $67.95
Bio-Hazard Chrome Mask see more Bio-Hazard Chrome Mask Cost: USD $10.95
Bird Kill Latex Mask see more Bird Kill Latex Mask Cost: USD $29.95
Black Cat Mask see more Black Cat Mask Cost: USD $6.95
Blank Male Chrome Mask see more Blank Male Chrome Mask Cost: USD $6.95
Blasted Head Premiere Mask see more Blasted Head Premiere Mask Cost: USD $27.95
Bleah Mask see more Bleah Mask Cost: USD $13.95
Bleeding Rocker Mask see more Bleeding Rocker Mask Cost: USD $11.95
Bloody Anger see more Bloody Anger Cost: USD $49.95
Blurp Charlie Latex Mask see more Blurp Charlie Latex Mask Cost: USD $48.95
Boo Black Cat Mask see more Boo Black Cat Mask Cost: USD $8.95
Brown Wolf Latex Mask see more Brown Wolf Latex Mask Cost: USD $85.95
Bubba Clinton Mask Latex see more Bubba Clinton Mask Latex Cost: USD $29.95
Bush Jr Mask see more Bush Jr Mask Cost: USD $26.95
Butler Did It Mask see more Butler Did It Mask Cost: USD $41.95
Captain America Dlx Mask see more Captain America Dlx Mask Cost: USD $24.95
Captain Leister Latex Mask see more Captain Leister Latex Mask Cost: USD $41.95
Cash Mask see more Cash Mask Cost: USD $11.95
Cat Mask Sequin Black see more Cat Mask Sequin Black Cost: USD $4.95
Caveman Mask W Hair see more Caveman Mask W Hair Cost: USD $24.95
Caveman Mask With Hair see more Caveman Mask With Hair Cost: USD $29.95
Cb Tattu Dlx Half Mask see more Cb Tattu Dlx Half Mask Cost: USD $28.95
Chetah Mask see more Chetah Mask Cost: USD $24.95
Chewbacca Mask see more Chewbacca Mask Cost: USD $98.95
Chiller Mask see more Chiller Mask Cost: USD $53.95
Chimp Latex Mask see more Chimp Latex Mask Cost: USD $44.95
Chimp Plush Mask see more Chimp Plush Mask Cost: USD $10.95
Chinless Dark Skull Mask see more Chinless Dark Skull Mask Cost: USD $8.95
Chucky Seed Of Latex Mask see more Chucky Seed Of Latex Mask Cost: USD $39.95
Cleopatra Mask see more Cleopatra Mask Cost: USD $29.95
Clone Trooper Mask see more Clone Trooper Mask Cost: USD $89.95
Clown Latex Mask see more Clown Latex Mask Cost: USD $21.95
Clown Mask see more Clown Mask Cost: USD $32.95
Color Changing Mask Jester see more Color Changing Mask Jester Cost: USD $24.95
Comedy Mask Gold see more Comedy Mask Gold Cost: USD $9.95
Count Nixon Mask Latex see more Count Nixon Mask Latex Cost: USD $28.95
Cowardly Lion Mask see more Cowardly Lion Mask Cost: USD $29.95
Creeton Resurrection Mask see more Creeton Resurrection Mask Cost: USD $62.95
Crypt Creature Mask see more Crypt Creature Mask Cost: USD $13.95
Cyclops Mask see more Cyclops Mask Cost: USD $55.95
Darkwalker 2 Mask see more Darkwalker 2 Mask Cost: USD $54.95
Darth Vader 2 Pc Mask see more Darth Vader 2 Pc Mask Cost: USD $38.95
Dead Dread Mask W/Hair see more Dead Dread Mask W/Hair Cost: USD $27.95
Death Rock Mask see more Death Rock Mask Cost: USD $27.95
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