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Halloween Costumes  »  Couples Costumes

Soul mates, best friends, partners, whatever your title, a couples costume is the right way to go this Halloween. Hilarious and adorable these costumes say to each other and the rest of the world that you are committed to each other. You’re committed to the one you love enough to don a funny and sometimes tacky costume made for a pair. You can be two pieces of a best friend charm; you can show some funny innuendo by being a brick house and a brick layer. Maybe you want to announce to your friends and family that you’re expecting a new bun-dle with our bun in the over and bun maker costumes. Tell it like it is and showcase your partner as the ball and chain he or she is. The options are endless, sweet, and hilarious! It takes two, baby!

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Ball And Chain Set see more Ball And Chain Set Cost: USD $85.95
Be Friends Forever see more Be Friends Forever Cost: USD $29.91
Brick House Costume see more Brick House Costume Cost: USD $50.95
Brick Layer Costume see more Brick Layer Costume Cost: USD $40.95
Bun In Oven see more Bun In Oven Cost: USD $54.91
Bun Maker see more Bun Maker Cost: USD $34.91
Horse 2 Man Adult Costume see more Horse 2 Man Adult Costume Cost: USD $175.91
Lock And Key Set see more Lock And Key Set Cost: USD $57.95
Plug And Socket Set see more Plug And Socket Set Cost: USD $44.91
Z Bull S//T see more Z Bull S//T Cost: USD $34.95
Z Holy S//T see more Z Holy S//T Cost: USD $35.95
Z No S//T see more Z No S//T Cost: USD $29.91
Z Tough S//T see more Z Tough S//T Cost: USD $36.91