Wearing the same familiar costume every year makes you tired & boring. That’s why a makeover and a little experimenting is what everyone needs. The New Items for 2014 is the perfect place to start looking. Scout out for a fresh costume and decor ideas as this section holds the most uncanny, interesting and funniest costumes. Most new items are inspired by your favorite TV shows and movies. Our huge variety of decorations and props will astound you as they can be used for theme parties. Got a funky, fresh idea? You might just get what you’re looking for at Costume Circus in 2014

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Halloween Costumes  »  Dance Costumes

Pirouette, pirouette, grande plie! Dance, dance, dance in to Halloween, or into dance class with our selection of adorable and classic ballet and dance costumes. Mimic one of the greatest movies of all time with our Flash Dance costumes. Whether you are can-canning in an old saloon, or wearing pasties in a more exotic environment, or dancing the flamenco, we have the dance and dance accessory costumes you are searching for! We’ve got tap shoes and jazz shoes, leotards and tights, and tassels! Adults and children’s dance costumes and accessories are both available in wide variety of colors, quality, and textures! You’ll be dancing with yourself, or maybe someone else if your costume is a hit. Although a dancer is a great Halloween costume, these high quality dance uniforms are great for dance and theatre company products. Looking graceful has never been so easy or affordable!

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Burlesque Beauty Lg see more Burlesque Beauty Lg Cost: USD $58.95
Burlesque Beauty Md see more Burlesque Beauty Md Cost: USD $58.95
Burlesque Beauty Xl see more Burlesque Beauty Xl Cost: USD $58.95
Can Can Skirt 1 Sz see more Can Can Skirt 1 Sz Cost: USD $53.95
Catarina Child Costume 4-6 see more Catarina Child Costume 4-6 Cost: USD $33.95
Disco King see more Disco King Cost: USD $37.95
G String And Pasties Red see more G String And Pasties Red Cost: USD $26.95
Highkick Honey Lg see more Highkick Honey Lg Cost: USD $57.95
Highkick Honey Md see more Highkick Honey Md Cost: USD $57.95
Highkick Honey Sm see more Highkick Honey Sm Cost: USD $57.95
Immortal 1X-2X Adult see more Immortal 1X-2X Adult Cost: USD $59.95
Mouse King Head W Red Crown see more Mouse King Head W Red Crown Cost: USD $307.95
Spice Red Lg see more Spice Red Lg Cost: USD $24.95
Tights Seamless Black Sm see more Tights Seamless Black Sm Cost: USD $13.95
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