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Pirouette, pirouette, grande plie! Dance, dance, dance in to Halloween, or into dance class with our selection of adorable and classic ballet and dance costumes. Mimic one of the greatest movies of all time with our Flash Dance costumes. Whether you are can-canning in an old saloon, or wearing pasties in a more exotic environment, or dancing the flamenco, we have the dance and dance accessory costumes you are searching for! We’ve got tap shoes and jazz shoes, leotards and tights, and tassels! Adults and children’s dance costumes and accessories are both available in wide variety of colors, quality, and textures! You’ll be dancing with yourself, or maybe someone else if your costume is a hit. Although a dancer is a great Halloween costume, these high quality dance uniforms are great for dance and theatre company products. Looking graceful has never been so easy or affordable!

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Batarina Child Lg 12-14 see more Batarina Child Lg 12-14 Cost: USD $32.91
Batarina Child Sm 4-6 see more Batarina Child Sm 4-6 Cost: USD $33.91
Belle Lame Dlx 4-6 see more Belle Lame Dlx 4-6 Cost: USD $39.91
Belle Lame Dlx 7-8 see more Belle Lame Dlx 7-8 Cost: USD $39.91
Broadway Jacket Womens Lg see more Broadway Jacket Womens Lg Cost: USD $38.91
Broadway Jacket Womens Std see more Broadway Jacket Womens Std Cost: USD $36.91
Burlesque Babe Lg see more Burlesque Babe Lg Cost: USD $95.91
Burlesque Babe Xxl see more Burlesque Babe Xxl Cost: USD $113.91
Burlesque Beauty Lg see more Burlesque Beauty Lg Cost: USD $39.91
Burlesque Beauty Md see more Burlesque Beauty Md Cost: USD $39.91
Burlesque Beauty Sm see more Burlesque Beauty Sm Cost: USD $39.91
Burlesque Beauty Xl see more Burlesque Beauty Xl Cost: USD $39.91
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