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Halloween Costumes  »  Furry Mascot Costumes

Our Mascot section is special compared to all of our other sections. Mascots will show as "Out of Stock" because they are special ordered. They are available, please contact us with your specifications and we will give you a turn-a-round time for delivery. Typically these costumes take 8 weeks for delivery. Hey Sportsfans! It's a fun time when a group of friends get together to watch a game. There are always preshows with cheerleaders and crazy fuzzy mascots to cheer the hometeam on! You've reached the Furry Mascot section. Furry mascots aren't only meant for sports fields but they can also be used for Halloween, fun occasions, as promotional characters and much, much more! From giant bunnies, to tigers to bears and all beasts inbetween we have a wide selection of furry mascot costumes! We also have accessories to help keep you cool as ice when wearing the mascot costumes (specially in the warm, hot sun!)

Furry Mascot Costumes : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

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American Eagle Mascot see more American Eagle Mascot Cost: USD $400.95
Beast Adult Legs Brown see more Beast Adult Legs Brown Cost: USD $37.95
Bee Adult Costume see more Bee Adult Costume Cost: USD $400.95
Bee Mascot Costume see more Bee Mascot Costume Cost: USD $122.95
Big Foot Mask see more Big Foot Mask Cost: USD $22.95
Bobcat Mascot Costume see more Bobcat Mascot Costume Cost: USD $456.95
Bull Mascot Costume see more Bull Mascot Costume Cost: USD $122.95
Bunny Adult Costume see more Bunny Adult Costume Cost: USD $151.95
Bunny Crazy Critterz see more Bunny Crazy Critterz Cost: USD $340.95
Bunny Deluxe Mascot see more Bunny Deluxe Mascot Cost: USD $119.95
Bunny Teeth Blister Card see more Bunny Teeth Blister Card Cost: USD $3.95
Carrot 21 Inch Foam Filled see more Carrot 21 Inch Foam Filled Cost: USD $46.95
Carrot Foam Lg see more Carrot Foam Lg Cost: USD $30.95
Chicken Mascot Costume see more Chicken Mascot Costume Cost: USD $122.95
Chipmunk Mascot Costume see more Chipmunk Mascot Costume Cost: USD $122.95
Cool Collar Lite Weight see more Cool Collar Lite Weight Cost: USD $31.95
Cool Vest Lite Weight see more Cool Vest Lite Weight Cost: USD $66.95
Cougar Feet see more Cougar Feet Cost: USD $50.95
Cow Adult Mascot Costume see more Cow Adult Mascot Costume Cost: USD $68.95
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