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Don’t be a drag just be a queen with our frames inspired by the one and only Lady Gaga! Disguised or dignified, glasses add mystery and complete many costumes. Whether you want to be the classic nerd or Clark Kent, the selection of frames in the section leave the possibilities endless. Flirty 50's frames compliment those poodle skirts, while the peaceful hippies see through rose colored lenses. Glasses fit for a king, THE King to be precise, why thank you very much. We’ve got the classically funny large nosed glasses for all you comedians out there or for those of you who want to be inconspicuous. These hilarious yet sneaky specs are perfect for many characters. This section wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t consider our pilots and other public figures of authority with timeless aviators and goggles. So make you peepers pop with our selection of glasses!

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50s Glasses see more 50s Glasses Cost: USD $3.91
Austin Powers Accessories see more Austin Powers Accessories Cost: USD $27.91
Beagle Puss Carded see more Beagle Puss Carded Cost: USD $6.95
Beagle Puss Economy see more Beagle Puss Economy Cost: USD $5.91
Catwoman Goggles see more Catwoman Goggles Cost: USD $20.91
Clark Kent Glasses see more Clark Kent Glasses Cost: USD $5.91
Elvis Glasses see more Elvis Glasses Cost: USD $6.91
Glasses Aviator Mirror see more Glasses Aviator Mirror Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Blues see more Glasses Blues Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses John see more Glasses John Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses John Gold see more Glasses John Gold Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses John Gold Clear see more Glasses John Gold Clear Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses John Gold Purple see more Glasses John Gold Purple Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Nerd see more Glasses Nerd Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Nerd Bookworm see more Glasses Nerd Bookworm Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Rock Purple see more Glasses Rock Purple Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Slayer see more Glasses Slayer Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Slot Neon Green see more Glasses Slot Neon Green Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Slot Neon Orange see more Glasses Slot Neon Orange Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Slot Neon Pink see more Glasses Slot Neon Pink Cost: USD $5.91
Glasses Velvitas Purple see more Glasses Velvitas Purple Cost: USD $5.91
Goofy Droopy Eyes Carded see more Goofy Droopy Eyes Carded Cost: USD $5.91
Harry Potter Glasses see more Harry Potter Glasses Cost: USD $5.91
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