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Feeling a little devilish? Or perhaps the opposite, a little heavenly? This section is all about horns and halos. It's all about what's on the top of your head when you are a heavenly entity or a devilish being. We have spicy hot horns and we have deliciously sassy halos. Don't forget to check out our Devil and Angel costumes to complete your whole look! Make your costume as spicy as you'd like it or as sexy as you'd like it. You are after all a devil and or angel! It's all up to you.

Horns & Halos : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

Angel Wing With Halo Set see more Angel Wing With Halo Set Cost: USD $8.91
Demon Horns Black see more Demon Horns Black Cost: USD $5.91
Demon Horns Brown see more Demon Horns Brown Cost: USD $5.91
Demon Horns Red see more Demon Horns Red Cost: USD $5.91
Devil Horns Clip On see more Devil Horns Clip On Cost: USD $5.91
Devil Horns On Clips see more Devil Horns On Clips Cost: USD $5.91
Devil Horns Red Sequin see more Devil Horns Red Sequin Cost: USD $6.91
Devil Instant Costume see more Devil Instant Costume Cost: USD $10.91
Halo Marabou Black see more Halo Marabou Black Cost: USD $5.91
Halo Marabou White see more Halo Marabou White Cost: USD $5.91
Horn Fawn Headband see more Horn Fawn Headband Cost: USD $11.91
Horn Unicorn Silver see more Horn Unicorn Silver Cost: USD $9.91
Horns Animal Latex see more Horns Animal Latex Cost: USD $13.91
Horror Horns see more Horror Horns Cost: USD $5.91
Queen Ficent Horns see more Queen Ficent Horns Cost: USD $13.91