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One of the best parts about being a mother is finding all the cute clothes, accessories and costumes for your little one. However, within the first year, the amount that your baby grows is extraordinary and it can sometimes be more than a little difficult to keep them in outfits that fit. Halloween is no different and the same thing applies for the baby Halloween costumes. While sometimes a little hard to plan for, your child is never too young to celebrate their first Halloween in style with one of our infant Halloween costumes. They are sure to enjoy the festivities, as are you; at least, as long as you get the wee one back into bed on time for the night. Whatever stage you are at, whether you need new pregnancy outfits for the holiday or a little newborn costume, our online web store has what you need. With a varied selection of infant/baby Halloween costumes, you won’t want to look anywhere else.
Winnie the Pooh, Care Bears, Disney Princesses and adorable animal costumes are just a couple of examples of a girl’s baby costume. If you are looking for more of a funny baby boys Halloween costume, consider one of our peanut costumes, a diaper crawler bunny costume or even the whoopee cushion outfit. Those are sure to bring about exclamations of delight and chuckles of amusement from friends, acquaintances and strangers alike as you parade your little one around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating.
If you have a young teething monster and you are looking for more of a full-body costume, consider one of our baby boy or baby girl’s buntings. Smarties, tootsies rolls, wiggle worms and touchdown buntings are just some of the selection of buntings that we offer within our web store. With your wee one all snuggled up in one of these costumes, they will be able to stay cozy as you enjoy the fresh air outdoors, showing off your little bundle of joy. As well, consider adding some costume makeup and other cute accessories to add the finishing touches to each costume. You won’t be able to go wrong.

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Fire Fighter Baby Costume see more Fire Fighter Baby Costume Cost: USD $14.91
Flash Baby Costume see more Flash Baby Costume Cost: USD $21.91
Lady Bug Baby Costume see more Lady Bug Baby Costume Cost: USD $17.91
Lil Frankie Baby Costume see more Lil Frankie Baby Costume Cost: USD $25.91
Lil Froggy Inf 6-12 Mon see more Lil Froggy Inf 6-12 Mon Cost: USD $58.91
Lil Gobbler Inf 6-12 Mon see more Lil Gobbler Inf 6-12 Mon Cost: USD $58.91
Lil Mouse Toddler 6-12 Mo see more Lil Mouse Toddler 6-12 Mo Cost: USD $56.91
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