Wearing the same familiar costume every year makes you tired & boring. That’s why a makeover and a little experimenting is what everyone needs. The New Items for 2014 is the perfect place to start looking. Scout out for a fresh costume and decor ideas as this section holds the most uncanny, interesting and funniest costumes. Most new items are inspired by your favorite TV shows and movies. Our huge variety of decorations and props will astound you as they can be used for theme parties. Got a funky, fresh idea? You might just get what you’re looking for at Costume Circus in 2014

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Halloween Costumes  »  Jokes & Novelties

What is a Vampires favorite fast food? A guy with really high blood pressure! Why do mummies have a hard time keeping friends? Because they are so wrapped up in themselves. Knock knock? Who's there? Practical Jokes! Halloween can be even scarier, or even funnier with our assortment of jokes and gags. Snake in a can? We got it! Severed finger? Got that too. Maybe you want mom to think you spilled nail polish all over the brand new carpets. We’ve got flies in ice cubes, candles that don’t blow out, fake vomit and feces, disappearing knives, and the ever classic whoopee cushion can all be found in this section! Practical jokes are great for all occasions, not just Halloween! These are great items to have around for impromptu parties and get-togethers. These gags are also a great idea for the best day in April, April Fools Day! Don't care what anyone says, April fools day goes until midnight not noon!

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Baby Diaper see more Baby Diaper Cost: USD $7.95
Back Scratcher Plastic see more Back Scratcher Plastic Cost: USD $3.95
Bang Gun see more Bang Gun Cost: USD $4.95
Bang Gun Stage Size see more Bang Gun Stage Size Cost: USD $6.95
Bar Bug Ice Cube see more Bar Bug Ice Cube Cost: USD $3.95
Bloody Digit see more Bloody Digit Cost: USD $4.95
Dog Dunit Mini Poodle see more Dog Dunit Mini Poodle Cost: USD $3.95
Dribble Glass see more Dribble Glass Cost: USD $3.95
Fake Parking Tickets see more Fake Parking Tickets Cost: USD $3.95
Floor Nickel see more Floor Nickel Cost: USD $5.95
Fly 6 Per Card Joke see more Fly 6 Per Card Joke Cost: USD $3.95
Fried Egg see more Fried Egg Cost: USD $3.95
Invisible Dog see more Invisible Dog Cost: USD $10.95
Joy Buzzer see more Joy Buzzer Cost: USD $3.95
Joy Buzzer Deluxe see more Joy Buzzer Deluxe Cost: USD $10.95
Judy Blow Up Doll see more Judy Blow Up Doll Cost: USD $21.95
Kazoo see more Kazoo Cost: USD $4.95
Magic Spring see more Magic Spring Cost: USD $4.95
Mice Carded Two Mice see more Mice Carded Two Mice Cost: USD $3.95
Miracle Fish 144 pack see more Miracle Fish 144 pack Cost: USD $30.95
Pet Puke see more Pet Puke Cost: USD $3.95
Phantom Pet Leash see more Phantom Pet Leash Cost: USD $5.95
Phoney Cast see more Phoney Cast Cost: USD $8.95
Phoney Hot Dog see more Phoney Hot Dog Cost: USD $3.95
Relight Candles see more Relight Candles Cost: USD $3.95
Shocking Lighter see more Shocking Lighter Cost: USD $11.95
Snake Candy Can see more Snake Candy Can Cost: USD $4.95
Snake Mustard Bottle see more Snake Mustard Bottle Cost: USD $4.95
Snake Nut Can see more Snake Nut Can Cost: USD $4.95
Snake Potato Chips see more Snake Potato Chips Cost: USD $12.95
Snake Shaving Cream see more Snake Shaving Cream Cost: USD $4.95
Spilled Nailpolish see more Spilled Nailpolish Cost: USD $4.95
Spilled Paint Brush see more Spilled Paint Brush Cost: USD $3.95
Squirt Camera Dlx Mini see more Squirt Camera Dlx Mini Cost: USD $4.95
Squirt Cigarette see more Squirt Cigarette Cost: USD $3.95
Squirt Cigarette Pack see more Squirt Cigarette Pack Cost: USD $3.95
Squirt Lighter Square see more Squirt Lighter Square Cost: USD $3.95
Squirt Pen see more Squirt Pen Cost: USD $3.95
Squirt Ring Dlx see more Squirt Ring Dlx Cost: USD $3.95
Squirt Stapler see more Squirt Stapler Cost: USD $6.95
Squirt Thumb see more Squirt Thumb Cost: USD $3.95
Squirting John see more Squirting John Cost: USD $4.95
Thumbcuffs see more Thumbcuffs Cost: USD $22.95
Trick Brandy Glass see more Trick Brandy Glass Cost: USD $4.95
Whoopie Cushion 8 Inch see more Whoopie Cushion 8 Inch Cost: USD $3.95