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Did you know that in recent scientific studies juggling has been shown to create new networks in your brain? Some of the only other things known to do this are difficult tasks like learning a new language. Juggling is not only great for your mind; it is also great for learning hand eye coordination. Juggling is a fun and challenging pass-time that is both entertaining to the juggler and the on lookers. Juggling is recorded as far back as when the first Egyptians starting painting their histories in 1700 BC. In modern times juggling has been taken to extremes. Instead of juggling fruit or bean filled material bags, people are juggling daggers, flaming batons, and chainsaws. In this section there are plenty of items for the beginner and novice jugglers. We have juggling rings in a variety of colors, light weight clubs in many colors, devil sticks, colorful balls perfectly sized for the palm of your hand, spinning plates, and even knives. Great accessories to these items in the section include stilts, unicycles, and how-to guides to brush up on your juggling skills. So whether you are new or pro, this section will help you meet all your juggling needs!

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Airflite Clubs Red see more Airflite Clubs Red Cost: USD $20.91
Beanbag Set Printed see more Beanbag Set Printed Cost: USD $27.95
Chainsaw Animated see more Chainsaw Animated Cost: USD $57.91
Confidence Ball Set see more Confidence Ball Set Cost: USD $23.91
Foam Club Set see more Foam Club Set Cost: USD $37.91
How To Be A Goofy Juggler see more How To Be A Goofy Juggler Cost: USD $11.91
Joy Of Juggling see more Joy Of Juggling Cost: USD $5.91
Juggling Club Set Boxed see more Juggling Club Set Boxed Cost: USD $17.91
Juggling Knife see more Juggling Knife Cost: USD $79.91
Manual Of Juggling see more Manual Of Juggling Cost: USD $5.91
Mini Club Set see more Mini Club Set Cost: USD $13.91
Multi Scarf Pack see more Multi Scarf Pack Cost: USD $119.91
Ribbed Balls Single see more Ribbed Balls Single Cost: USD $5.95
Scarf Set see more Scarf Set Cost: USD $10.91
Spinning Plate Metal see more Spinning Plate Metal Cost: USD $22.91
Spinning Plate Set see more Spinning Plate Set Cost: USD $53.91
Stilts see more Stilts Cost: USD $449.91
Three Ball Juggling see more Three Ball Juggling Cost: USD $5.91
Unicycle see more Unicycle Cost: USD $179.91