Wearing the same familiar costume every year makes you tired & boring. Thatís why a makeover and a little experimenting is what everyone needs. The New Items for 2014 is the perfect place to start looking. Scout out for a fresh costume and decor ideas as this section holds the most uncanny, interesting and funniest costumes. Most new items are inspired by your favorite TV shows and movies. Our huge variety of decorations and props will astound you as they can be used for theme parties. Got a funky, fresh idea? You might just get what youíre looking for at Costume Circus in 2014

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Halloween Costumes  »  Magic & Card Tricks

Who said magicians never share their tricks?? In this section you will find books, cards, magic and mystique! Great for any occasion and fun for the whole family! Learn the ancient art of illusions and trickery. A slide of the hand, wham-o-kazamo-alakazoo what's that behind your ear? That's a giant silver dollar! You will impress everyone with your knowledge of magic and tricks. We have tricks and props ranging from ankle escape cuffs to dvds and books on how to do magic tricks to professional magic cards! Grab your black hat, rabbit and magic gloves and we'll provide you the tricks!

Magic & Card Tricks : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

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1.35 Trick see more 1.35 Trick Cost: USD $24.95
3 Card Monte Book see more 3 Card Monte Book Cost: USD $12.95
7 Dollar Trick see more 7 Dollar Trick Cost: USD $5.95
Alchemists Dream see more Alchemists Dream Cost: USD $58.95
Aluminum Chop Cup Lg see more Aluminum Chop Cup Lg Cost: USD $27.95
Appearing Cane see more Appearing Cane Cost: USD $30.95
Believe It Or Not see more Believe It Or Not Cost: USD $3.95
Bill Penetration see more Bill Penetration Cost: USD $8.95
Bill Tube see more Bill Tube Cost: USD $7.95
Bill Vanishing Tube see more Bill Vanishing Tube Cost: USD $55.95
Blank Face Deck-Enardoe see more Blank Face Deck-Enardoe Cost: USD $5.95
Brainwave Bicycle Poker see more Brainwave Bicycle Poker Cost: USD $13.95
Breakaway Wand see more Breakaway Wand Cost: USD $8.95
Bulk Fanning Powder see more Bulk Fanning Powder Cost: USD $450.95
Cards Giant Face see more Cards Giant Face Cost: USD $4.95
Cards Jumbo see more Cards Jumbo Cost: USD $6.95
Chameleon Silk see more Chameleon Silk Cost: USD $24.95
Changeover Bag Dlx Jumbo see more Changeover Bag Dlx Jumbo Cost: USD $53.95
Changs Dowry see more Changs Dowry Cost: USD $50.95
Chick Pan Double Load see more Chick Pan Double Load Cost: USD $42.95
Chicken Egg Bag see more Chicken Egg Bag Cost: USD $26.95
Chinatown Half see more Chinatown Half Cost: USD $29.95
Chinese Coin see more Chinese Coin Cost: USD $11.95
Chinese Sticks Bagged see more Chinese Sticks Bagged Cost: USD $6.95
Chinese Sticks In Case see more Chinese Sticks In Case Cost: USD $10.95
Color Changing Gloves see more Color Changing Gloves Cost: USD $376.95
Confusing Deck see more Confusing Deck Cost: USD $3.95
Crooked Deck see more Crooked Deck Cost: USD $3.95
Crystal Casket Lg see more Crystal Casket Lg Cost: USD $75.95
Crystal Casket Sm see more Crystal Casket Sm Cost: USD $27.95
Cups And Balls Plastic see more Cups And Balls Plastic Cost: USD $4.95
Cut And Restored Rope see more Cut And Restored Rope Cost: USD $7.95
Devils Napkin see more Devils Napkin Cost: USD $12.95
Diamond Silk-Blue 10X25 see more Diamond Silk-Blue 10X25 Cost: USD $4.95
Dice Card see more Dice Card Cost: USD $12.95
Diminishing Cards see more Diminishing Cards Cost: USD $36.95
Double Color Change Hank see more Double Color Change Hank Cost: USD $7.95
Double Headed Quarter see more Double Headed Quarter Cost: USD $10.95
Double Tailed Quarter see more Double Tailed Quarter Cost: USD $14.95
Elusive Lifesavers see more Elusive Lifesavers Cost: USD $55.95
Eureka Deck Enardoe see more Eureka Deck Enardoe Cost: USD $7.95
Fanning Powder see more Fanning Powder Cost: USD $7.95
Fatal Attraction see more Fatal Attraction Cost: USD $39.95
Five And One Bill Trick see more Five And One Bill Trick Cost: USD $7.95
Floating Lady see more Floating Lady Cost: USD $4.95
Floating Match see more Floating Match Cost: USD $5.95
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