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The "Miscellaneous" section is a mix and match of treasures and trinkets. These treasures can complete your costume and give you a head start into the Halloween season. Perhaps you couldn't find what you were looking for in the other accessory sections, but now you've reached the most ecclectic section of them all. Who says a ecclectic is a bad thing?! We have baby bottles, badges, bats, batteries and carrotts and everything in between! We have your finishing touches right here, in this section!

Miscellaneous Accessories : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

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50s Sign 18 X 25 In see more 50s Sign 18 X 25 In Cost: USD $5.91
Ankle Escape see more Ankle Escape Cost: USD $29.91
Autopsy Vest see more Autopsy Vest Cost: USD $82.91
Baby Accessory Kit Blue see more Baby Accessory Kit Blue Cost: USD $6.91
Baby Accessory Kit Pink see more Baby Accessory Kit Pink Cost: USD $6.91
Baby Bottle Blue see more Baby Bottle Blue Cost: USD $5.95
Baby Bottle Blue Jumbo see more Baby Bottle Blue Jumbo Cost: USD $3.91
Baby Bottle Pink Jumbo see more Baby Bottle Pink Jumbo Cost: USD $3.91
Baby Rattle Blue see more Baby Rattle Blue Cost: USD $5.91
Baby Rattle Pink see more Baby Rattle Pink Cost: USD $5.91
Badge Of Courage see more Badge Of Courage Cost: USD $5.91
Badge Police see more Badge Police Cost: USD $5.91
Badge Police Jumbo see more Badge Police Jumbo Cost: USD $3.91
Badge Sheriff see more Badge Sheriff Cost: USD $5.91
Badge Sheriff Jumbo see more Badge Sheriff Jumbo Cost: USD $5.91
Badge Special Police see more Badge Special Police Cost: USD $7.91
Badge Us Marshall see more Badge Us Marshall Cost: USD $5.91
Ball & Chain see more Ball & Chain Cost: USD $9.91
Ball And Chain see more Ball And Chain Cost: USD $5.91
Bar Bells Inflatable see more Bar Bells Inflatable Cost: USD $5.91
Bargain Bouquet see more Bargain Bouquet Cost: USD $10.91
Bat Baseball Inflatable see more Bat Baseball Inflatable Cost: USD $5.91
Bell Metal 4 Inch Diameter see more Bell Metal 4 Inch Diameter Cost: USD $12.91
Bib And Bonnet Blue see more Bib And Bonnet Blue Cost: USD $5.91
Big Daddy Jumbo Cigar see more Big Daddy Jumbo Cigar Cost: USD $5.91
Bleeding Syringe see more Bleeding Syringe Cost: USD $7.91
Bow Tie Light Up 5 1/2In see more Bow Tie Light Up 5 1/2In Cost: USD $5.91
Bow Tie Squirt see more Bow Tie Squirt Cost: USD $5.91
Bunny Instant Costume see more Bunny Instant Costume Cost: USD $7.91
Carrot 21 Inch Foam Filled see more Carrot 21 Inch Foam Filled Cost: USD $54.91
Carrot Foam Lg see more Carrot Foam Lg Cost: USD $35.91
Cat Set Black see more Cat Set Black Cost: USD $7.95
Chain Lg Brown Rusted see more Chain Lg Brown Rusted Cost: USD $16.91
Chain With Lock see more Chain With Lock Cost: USD $7.91
Chains W-Handcuffs see more Chains W-Handcuffs Cost: USD $20.91
Chinese Yo Yo 1 see more Chinese Yo Yo 1 Cost: USD $5.91
Cigar Jumbo 9In see more Cigar Jumbo 9In Cost: USD $5.91
Cigarette Holder Plastic see more Cigarette Holder Plastic Cost: USD $5.91
Clarinet Kazoo see more Clarinet Kazoo Cost: USD $3.91
Clown Sock Multi Colored see more Clown Sock Multi Colored Cost: USD $5.91
Collar And Cuffs Set see more Collar And Cuffs Set Cost: USD $7.91
Comb Giant see more Comb Giant Cost: USD $5.91
Confidence Ball Set see more Confidence Ball Set Cost: USD $23.91
Cow Bell see more Cow Bell Cost: USD $5.91
Cow Call see more Cow Call Cost: USD $5.91
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