Wearing the same familiar costume every year makes you tired & boring. Thatís why a makeover and a little experimenting is what everyone needs. The New Items for 2014 is the perfect place to start looking. Scout out for a fresh costume and decor ideas as this section holds the most uncanny, interesting and funniest costumes. Most new items are inspired by your favorite TV shows and movies. Our huge variety of decorations and props will astound you as they can be used for theme parties. Got a funky, fresh idea? You might just get what youíre looking for at Costume Circus in 2014

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Halloween Costumes  »  New Items

So you're on the lookout for new objects? You've stepped into the right place. Here you'll find all of our stores newest and craziest costumes and accessories for the season! From this seasons biggest box office hits to pop stars and horror movies, this section will take you through all that is new and happening! We have everything for men, women and children. We even have something for your family dog! These items are new and fresh off the press waiting to be taken home for the holiday seasons! The best thing about new items is that you'll be ahead of the game! If you're a trendsetter or just like the newest and latest things, we have everything for you right here, just take a look around!

New Items : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

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2 Plastic White Eggs see more 2 Plastic White Eggs Cost: USD $3.95
3D Fx Big Bite Sm see more 3D Fx Big Bite Sm Cost: USD $13.95
3D Fx Stitches Sm see more 3D Fx Stitches Sm Cost: USD $13.95
4Th Doctor Necktie see more 4Th Doctor Necktie Cost: USD $20.95
4Th Doctor Scarf 6Ft see more 4Th Doctor Scarf 6Ft Cost: USD $29.95
50s Glasses see more 50s Glasses Cost: USD $4.95
Addams Family Uncle Fester see more Addams Family Uncle Fester Cost: USD $37.95
Afro & Chops Black see more Afro & Chops Black Cost: USD $17.95
Airblown Halloween Camper see more Airblown Halloween Camper Cost: USD $175.95
Alien Death Prop see more Alien Death Prop Cost: USD $167.95
Animated Bat 59 Inch see more Animated Bat 59 Inch Cost: USD $30.95
Animated Cat 21 Inch see more Animated Cat 21 Inch Cost: USD $35.95
Animated Flying Bat see more Animated Flying Bat Cost: USD $13.95
Animated Ghost see more Animated Ghost Cost: USD $7.95
Animated Ghoul Torso see more Animated Ghoul Torso Cost: USD $24.95
Animated Slashing Werewolf see more Animated Slashing Werewolf Cost: USD $26.95
Animated Winged Reaper see more Animated Winged Reaper Cost: USD $54.95
Ariel Child Wig see more Ariel Child Wig Cost: USD $20.95
Army Helmet Adult see more Army Helmet Adult Cost: USD $12.95
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