Only a month to go before itís finally Halloween again! Now is the best time to sit down and get a new look for yourself and plan your party decorations for Halloween. If youíre still having a fashion dilemma and canít seem to make up your mind, itís best to check out the New for 2013 Section. There are tons of fresh new items for you to do a little Ďmind shopí experimenting.

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Halloween Costumes  »  New Items

So you're on the lookout for new objects? You've stepped into the right place. Here you'll find all of our stores newest and craziest costumes and accessories for the season! From this seasons biggest box office hits to pop stars and horror movies, this section will take you through all that is new and happening! We have everything for men, women and children. We even have something for your family dog! These items are new and fresh off the press waiting to be taken home for the holiday seasons! The best thing about new items is that you'll be ahead of the game! If you're a trendsetter or just like the newest and latest things, we have everything for you right here, just take a look around!

New Items : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

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4Th Doctor Scarf 6Ft see more 4Th Doctor Scarf 6Ft Cost: USD $25.95
80s Groupie Adult Costume see more 80s Groupie Adult Costume Cost: USD $40.95
80s Pink Zebra Adult Shirt see more 80s Pink Zebra Adult Shirt Sale Price: USD $18.95
AinT Misbehaving Lg see more AinT Misbehaving Lg Cost: USD $42.95
AinT Misbehaving Md see more AinT Misbehaving Md Cost: USD $42.95
AinT Misbehaving Sm see more AinT Misbehaving Sm Cost: USD $42.95
AinT Misbehaving Xl see more AinT Misbehaving Xl Cost: USD $42.95
Airblown Angry Birds Scene see more Airblown Angry Birds Scene Cost: USD $127.95
Airblown Animted Brat Cat see more Airblown Animted Brat Cat Cost: USD $127.95
Airblown Flo Glow Ghosts see more Airblown Flo Glow Ghosts Cost: USD $136.95
Airblown Holy Family Sm see more Airblown Holy Family Sm Cost: USD $50.95
Airblown Light Draped Ghost see more Airblown Light Draped Ghost Cost: USD $144.95
Airblown Neon Snowman see more Airblown Neon Snowman Cost: USD $80.95
Airblown Santa 7 Feet Tall see more Airblown Santa 7 Feet Tall Cost: USD $51.95
Airblown Skelly Racer 4Ft see more Airblown Skelly Racer 4Ft Cost: USD $136.95
Airblown Skulls Stack Neon see more Airblown Skulls Stack Neon Cost: USD $102.95
Airblown Tall Monster see more Airblown Tall Monster Cost: USD $119.95
Alien Green Adult Costume see more Alien Green Adult Costume Cost: USD $59.95
Alien Grey Mask see more Alien Grey Mask Cost: USD $51.95
Alien Hands see more Alien Hands Cost: USD $23.95
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