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So you're on the lookout for new objects? You've stepped into the right place. Here you'll find all of our stores newest and craziest costumes and accessories for the season! From this seasons biggest box office hits to pop stars and horror movies, this section will take you through all that is new and happening! We have everything for men, women and children. We even have something for your family dog! These items are new and fresh off the press waiting to be taken home for the holiday seasons! The best thing about new items is that you'll be ahead of the game! If you're a trendsetter or just like the newest and latest things, we have everything for you right here, just take a look around!

New Items : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

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375 Long Auburn Wig see more 375 Long Auburn Wig Cost: USD $16.91
70s Headband-Choker see more 70s Headband-Choker Cost: USD $5.91
Ace Black Wig see more Ace Black Wig Cost: USD $26.91
Afro Jumbo Black Wig see more Afro Jumbo Black Wig Cost: USD $25.91
Afro Pulled Out Yellow Wig see more Afro Pulled Out Yellow Wig Cost: USD $22.91
Agent Kallus Child Medium see more Agent Kallus Child Medium Cost: USD $37.91
Agent Kallus Child Small see more Agent Kallus Child Small Cost: USD $37.91
Airblown Archway-Reaper see more Airblown Archway-Reaper Cost: USD $139.91
Airblown-Toy Soldier see more Airblown-Toy Soldier Cost: USD $69.91
Airblown-Yoda On Presents see more Airblown-Yoda On Presents Cost: USD $89.91
Alfalfa Medium Brown 4 Wig see more Alfalfa Medium Brown 4 Wig Cost: USD $14.91
Alice Braid see more Alice Braid Cost: USD $15.91
Alice Tea Time Adult Xxxl see more Alice Tea Time Adult Xxxl Cost: USD $54.91
Alien Grey Mask see more Alien Grey Mask Cost: USD $59.91
Alien Skull see more Alien Skull Cost: USD $9.91
All Aboard Large see more All Aboard Large Cost: USD $39.91
All Aboard Medium see more All Aboard Medium Cost: USD $39.91
All Aboard Small see more All Aboard Small Cost: USD $39.91
All Aboard Xlarge see more All Aboard Xlarge Cost: USD $39.91
Alonge Dark Grey 44 Wig see more Alonge Dark Grey 44 Wig Cost: USD $28.91
Ancient Nightmaremask see more Ancient Nightmaremask Cost: USD $45.91
Angel Of Death Mask see more Angel Of Death Mask Cost: USD $9.91
Animated Cat see more Animated Cat Cost: USD $37.91
Annie Auburn Wig see more Annie Auburn Wig Cost: USD $24.91
Antlers Headband see more Antlers Headband Cost: USD $5.91
Anubis Adult Standard see more Anubis Adult Standard Cost: USD $59.91
Apple Blossom Classic 7-8 see more Apple Blossom Classic 7-8 Cost: USD $27.91
Arab Hat Blonde Wig see more Arab Hat Blonde Wig Cost: USD $21.91
Attic Light Short Circuit see more Attic Light Short Circuit Cost: USD $17.91
Audrey A Ashe Blonde Wig see more Audrey A Ashe Blonde Wig Cost: USD $37.91
Aviator Cap see more Aviator Cap Cost: USD $14.91
Avtar Brown Wig see more Avtar Brown Wig Cost: USD $25.91
Awesome Rainbow Wig see more Awesome Rainbow Wig Cost: USD $18.91
Awl Theater Jack Mask see more Awl Theater Jack Mask Cost: USD $69.91
Axe see more Axe Cost: USD $14.91
B304 30 In 308 Auburn Wig see more B304 30 In 308 Auburn Wig Cost: USD $15.91
B304A Black Wig see more B304A Black Wig Cost: USD $20.91
Baby Angry Face see more Baby Angry Face Cost: USD $14.91
Baby Kissing Face see more Baby Kissing Face Cost: USD $14.91
Bacon Open Face Mask see more Bacon Open Face Mask Cost: USD $17.91
Bad News Clown Mask see more Bad News Clown Mask Cost: USD $15.91
Bag Of Bones see more Bag Of Bones Cost: USD $24.91
Bald and Horned Wig see more Bald and Horned Wig Cost: USD $11.91
Bald Comb Over Grey Wig see more Bald Comb Over Grey Wig Cost: USD $14.91
Banana Man Mask see more Banana Man Mask Cost: USD $25.91
Bandanna Skull see more Bandanna Skull Cost: USD $5.91
Bandanna Villain see more Bandanna Villain Cost: USD $5.91
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