Wearing the same familiar costume every year makes you tired & boring. Thatís why a makeover and a little experimenting is what everyone needs. The New Items for 2014 is the perfect place to start looking. Scout out for a fresh costume and decor ideas as this section holds the most uncanny, interesting and funniest costumes. Most new items are inspired by your favorite TV shows and movies. Our huge variety of decorations and props will astound you as they can be used for theme parties. Got a funky, fresh idea? You might just get what youíre looking for at Costume Circus in 2014

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Halloween Costumes  »  Pet Costumes

Halloween isn't just for humans, our four-legged friends can enjoy it too! We have pet costumes of all sizes and varieties. Your pet will be the spookiest looking dog on the block. Pets really are mans best friend so if you really want to get into the Halloween spirit try dressing up in matching costumes with your animal! Your animals costume will sure to be a hit! Other dogs will be deathly afraid when they see "Count Barkula" walk by or even hungry and or envious of your little "hot dog". Your animal will be wagging their tail in joy when you purchase one of our fun pet costumes!

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Astro Pet Costume Medium see more Astro Pet Costume Medium Cost: USD $13.95
Astro Pet Costume Small see more Astro Pet Costume Small Cost: USD $13.95
Bad Boy Dog Costume Sm see more Bad Boy Dog Costume Sm Cost: USD $13.95
Bad Girl Dog Costume Md see more Bad Girl Dog Costume Md Cost: USD $13.95
Big Dog Redneck see more Big Dog Redneck Cost: USD $24.95
Hot Dog Md see more Hot Dog Md Cost: USD $24.95
Hound Hoodies Monster Blue see more Hound Hoodies Monster Blue Cost: USD $20.95
Pet Bumblebee Costume Lg see more Pet Bumblebee Costume Lg Cost: USD $20.95
Pet Bumblebee Md see more Pet Bumblebee Md Cost: USD $20.95
Pet Costume Big Daddy see more Pet Costume Big Daddy Cost: USD $13.95
Pet Costume Clown see more Pet Costume Clown Cost: USD $4.95
Pet Costume Dracula see more Pet Costume Dracula Cost: USD $4.95
Pet Costume Elf Lg Lg see more Pet Costume Elf Lg Lg Cost: USD $19.95
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