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Halloween Costumes  »  Props

Props are an essential item for the Halloween Decorating process. Props can come in many forms with many uses.

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.You might use props to enhance your outside Halloween décor, and the inside and around the house too. Props can be used in plays, and other theatre productions. Whether your props are funny door greeters who frighten young children, or a blood spattered shower curtain to make the whole house scary, we have what you're looking for.

STAGE PROPS : Graveyard Haunted House Decoration : Cheap Fog Machine


STAGE PROPS : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

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. Tombstones are a classic Halloween and theatre prop; if you're looking for quality or economy we carry both. Lighting is important for scaring and for storytelling; our variety of strobe and colored lights can help illuminate your event! You can find smoke machines and fog machines, puppets and door hangers, wall art, and many other Halloween props that can be used for one special night, or year round in theatre productions!

Props : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

Animated Bat 59 Inch see more Animated Bat 59 Inch Cost: USD $30.91
Animated Cat 21 Inch see more Animated Cat 21 Inch Cost: USD $35.91
Animated Flying Bat see more Animated Flying Bat Cost: USD $9.91
Right Arm Vinyl see more Right Arm Vinyl Cost: USD $13.91
Right Hand Vinyl see more Right Hand Vinyl Cost: USD $12.91