Only a month to go before itís finally Halloween again! Now is the best time to sit down and get a new look for yourself and plan your party decorations for Halloween. If youíre still having a fashion dilemma and canít seem to make up your mind, itís best to check out the New for 2013 Section. There are tons of fresh new items for you to do a little Ďmind shopí experimenting.

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Halloween Costumes  »  Pumpkin Carving

Take a gander through a pumpkin patch and select the perfect pumpkin! Halloween isn't just about candy. It's also about decorating with friends and loved ones! Part of the decorating envolves nothing other than pumpkin carving. Grab a pumpkin, thick, thin, small, round, heavy, oblong (whatever size) and a carving kit and get ready for some real Halloween fun! Nothing will get you in the Halloween spirit like this section. Get ready to get your hands dirty by digging out all the pumpkin guts and seeds and making a scary triangular pumpkin face! We have stencils for those of you who want to get really intricate! Don't forget to get some candles to light the inside of your pumpkin and let it shine into the eerie Halloween night!

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Carving Kit see more Carving Kit Cost: USD $9.95
Mist Maker With Led see more Mist Maker With Led Cost: USD $20.95
Pumpkin Push Pins see more Pumpkin Push Pins Cost: USD $11.95
Pumpkin Rot Latex Mask see more Pumpkin Rot Latex Mask Cost: USD $50.95
Pumpkin Skull Prop see more Pumpkin Skull Prop Cost: USD $25.95
Scary Pumpkin Mask see more Scary Pumpkin Mask Cost: USD $8.95
Spider-Man Pumpkin Push-In see more Spider-Man Pumpkin Push-In Cost: USD $18.95
The Great Pumpkin Wig see more The Great Pumpkin Wig Cost: USD $22.95
Tool Kit Carving 3 Pc see more Tool Kit Carving 3 Pc Cost: USD $8.95
Tool Set Carving 9 Pc see more Tool Set Carving 9 Pc Cost: USD $12.95