Only a month to go before itís finally Halloween again! Now is the best time to sit down and get a new look for yourself and plan your party decorations for Halloween. If youíre still having a fashion dilemma and canít seem to make up your mind, itís best to check out the New for 2013 Section. There are tons of fresh new items for you to do a little Ďmind shopí experimenting.

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Perhaps you're on a budget this Halloween, maybe you spent a little too much this summer on vacations and business trips. You've reached our sale items section. Here you will find quality costumes at a low price! We understand that sometimes holidays can get the best of you and can end up hurting the ol' wallet or purse! Look no further friend, this is the section that will make your credit card shine! If you're looking for those last finishing touches for your already existing Halloween costume, we also have sale accessories and more! We have weapons, shoes, costumes, makeup and much, much more! Keep pinching your pennies and save up, you will need it someday! You can thank us later!!

Sale Items : Halloween Costumes : Costume Circus

Badge Special Police see more Badge Special Police Cost: USD $11.95
Blood Living Nightmare see more Blood Living Nightmare Sale Price: USD $3.95
Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack see more Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack Cost: USD $12.95
Cigarette Holder Plastic see more Cigarette Holder Plastic Cost: USD $3.95
Ears Fur Cat Mouse see more Ears Fur Cat Mouse Cost: USD $4.95
Ears Pig see more Ears Pig Cost: USD $6.95
Eye patch Black see more Eye patch Black Cost: USD $3.95
Grass Skirt Real see more Grass Skirt Real Cost: USD $11.95
Gun Double Agent see more Gun Double Agent Cost: USD $7.95
Hair Spray Black see more Hair Spray Black Sale Price: USD $4.95
Hair Spray White see more Hair Spray White Sale Price: USD $4.95
Hat Cat In Hat see more Hat Cat In Hat Sale Price: USD $12.95
M16 Submachine Gun see more M16 Submachine Gun Cost: USD $12.95
Mehron Stage Blood .5 oz see more Mehron Stage Blood .5 oz Cost: USD $4.95
Monks Cross see more Monks Cross Cost: USD $6.95
Mouse Ears Deluxe see more Mouse Ears Deluxe Cost: USD $8.95
Mustache Six Way see more Mustache Six Way Cost: USD $3.95
Necklace Snake Silver see more Necklace Snake Silver Cost: USD $12.95
Ninja Sword see more Ninja Sword Cost: USD $7.95
Parasol Nylon Black see more Parasol Nylon Black Cost: USD $12.95
Parasol Nylon White see more Parasol Nylon White Cost: USD $12.95
Pencil Sharpener see more Pencil Sharpener Cost: USD $3.95
Phantom Of The Opera Face Mask see more Phantom Of The Opera Face Mask Sale Price: USD $4.95
Pipe Sherlock see more Pipe Sherlock Cost: USD $8.95
Pirate Sword see more Pirate Sword Cost: USD $4.95
Pitty Please Mask see more Pitty Please Mask Cost: USD $34.95
Raggedy Andy Adult see more Raggedy Andy Adult Sale Price: USD $31.95
Raggedy Ann Adult see more Raggedy Ann Adult Cost: USD $31.95
Scream see more Scream Cost: USD $22.95
Sock Glovettes Adult see more Sock Glovettes Adult Cost: USD $7.95
Socks Colonial Mens Pair see more Socks Colonial Mens Pair Cost: USD $6.95
Spirit Gum 1 Oz see more Spirit Gum 1 Oz Cost: USD $7.95
Spirit Gum Carded Qtr Oz see more Spirit Gum Carded Qtr Oz Cost: USD $4.95
Stitched Glovettes Child see more Stitched Glovettes Child Cost: USD $13.95
Survival Knife see more Survival Knife Cost: USD $7.95
Tiara Aurora see more Tiara Aurora Cost: USD $12.95
Tommy Gun Black see more Tommy Gun Black Cost: USD $12.95
Uzi Submachine Gun see more Uzi Submachine Gun Cost: USD $12.95
V For Vendetta Mask see more V For Vendetta Mask Sale Price: USD $9.95