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Every magician needs a wand! Every ninja needs a staff and every old person needs a cane. We have all sorts of wands, staffs and canes all in one place. our selection of wands, staffs, and canes are synonymous with these costumes. So lift your mighty stick into the air with this great selection! We have every type of long stick you can imagine, we even have short ones too! If you're in the mood to be a judge we have gavels, if you're a whimsical wizard try out of extensive wand collection and if you're planning to be a fairy princess we have sparkly wands for that too! Wave your wand, staff and cane around like you just don't care this Halloween.

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Ariel Wand see more Ariel Wand Cost: USD $5.91
Aurora Wand see more Aurora Wand Cost: USD $5.91
Cane Animal Head Duck see more Cane Animal Head Duck Cost: USD $25.95
Cane Bamboo see more Cane Bamboo Cost: USD $9.95
Cane Fashion Walking see more Cane Fashion Walking Cost: USD $7.91
Cane Squeaker see more Cane Squeaker Cost: USD $5.95
Cane Witch Doctor see more Cane Witch Doctor Cost: USD $16.95
Card Crop see more Card Crop Cost: USD $15.91
Cinderella Wand see more Cinderella Wand Cost: USD $5.91
Cobra Head Cane see more Cobra Head Cane Cost: USD $31.91
Cowboy Pistol Cane see more Cowboy Pistol Cane Cost: USD $6.91
Crop Broom see more Crop Broom Cost: USD $9.91
Crop Shamrock see more Crop Shamrock Cost: USD $9.91
Double Snake Cane see more Double Snake Cane Cost: USD $31.91
Dragon Cane see more Dragon Cane Cost: USD $25.91
Fashion Cane see more Fashion Cane Cost: USD $11.95
Frozen Light Sound Wand see more Frozen Light Sound Wand Cost: USD $25.91
Frozen Wand see more Frozen Wand Cost: USD $7.91
Gavel see more Gavel Cost: USD $5.91
Glowing Bone Staff see more Glowing Bone Staff Cost: USD $11.91
Grim Reaper Cane see more Grim Reaper Cane Cost: USD $25.91
Harry Potter Broom see more Harry Potter Broom Cost: USD $21.91
Harry Potter Wand see more Harry Potter Wand Cost: USD $5.91
Hottie Police Cop Club see more Hottie Police Cop Club Cost: USD $5.91
Janie Witch Broom see more Janie Witch Broom Cost: USD $19.91
Jokers Cane see more Jokers Cane Cost: USD $12.91
Kings Staff Gold 5Foot see more Kings Staff Gold 5Foot Cost: USD $7.91
Lion Head Cane see more Lion Head Cane Cost: USD $31.91
Maleficent Staff see more Maleficent Staff Cost: USD $21.91
Peace Pipe see more Peace Pipe Cost: USD $5.91
Pirate Cane see more Pirate Cane Cost: USD $31.91
Pitchfork Deluxe see more Pitchfork Deluxe Cost: USD $5.91
Pitchfork Economy see more Pitchfork Economy Cost: USD $5.91
Princess Wand see more Princess Wand Cost: USD $7.91
Riddlers Cane see more Riddlers Cane Cost: USD $11.91
Scepter Jester Lg see more Scepter Jester Lg Cost: USD $10.91
Scepter Rhinestone see more Scepter Rhinestone Cost: USD $24.91
Scepter Sequin Gold see more Scepter Sequin Gold Cost: USD $9.91
Scepter Sequin Silver see more Scepter Sequin Silver Cost: USD $9.91
Scorpion Cane see more Scorpion Cane Cost: USD $31.91
Screaming Souls Staff see more Screaming Souls Staff Cost: USD $6.91
Shepherds Crook Brown see more Shepherds Crook Brown Cost: USD $5.91
Shepherds Crook Cream see more Shepherds Crook Cream Cost: USD $5.91
Skull Cane see more Skull Cane Cost: USD $31.91
Snake Staff see more Snake Staff Cost: USD $5.91
Sorcerers Staff see more Sorcerers Staff Cost: USD $21.91
Spellbound Staff see more Spellbound Staff Cost: USD $7.91
Swirl Witch Broom see more Swirl Witch Broom Cost: USD $19.91
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