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If you're ready to do some real damage this Halloween you're going to need some heavy weapons and armour. You have reached the right section. From crime fighting hero weapons to knights armour and weaponry, it's all here! Whether you want to slice, dice, blow up or blast your enemies away the selection is all here at your fingertips! Don't forget you will also need armor if you're going to keep your enemies down! We have a vast selection of armor from roman armor to shields!! We will have you prepped and ready to go for Halloween this season, all you'll need to work on is your ninja skills and defense tactics!

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300 Movie Spartan Shield see more 300 Movie Spartan Shield Cost: USD $14.91
300 Movie Spartan Sword see more 300 Movie Spartan Sword Cost: USD $7.91
Anakin Light Saber see more Anakin Light Saber Cost: USD $11.91
Anakin Lightsaber see more Anakin Lightsaber Cost: USD $11.91
Antique Gold Shield see more Antique Gold Shield Cost: USD $9.91
Aragorn Kit Lord Of Ring see more Aragorn Kit Lord Of Ring Cost: USD $27.91
Archer Sword see more Archer Sword Cost: USD $149.91
Archery Set see more Archery Set Cost: USD $5.91
Armor Adult Jacket see more Armor Adult Jacket Cost: USD $159.91
Armor Adult Shoes see more Armor Adult Shoes Cost: USD $79.91
Armor Adult Suit see more Armor Adult Suit Cost: USD $1,749.91
Ashoka Lightsaber see more Ashoka Lightsaber Cost: USD $12.91
Axe Woodsman see more Axe Woodsman Cost: USD $5.91
Bang Gun see more Bang Gun Cost: USD $5.91
Bang Gun Stage Size see more Bang Gun Stage Size Cost: USD $5.91
Batarang see more Batarang Cost: USD $9.95
Batman Bat A Rang see more Batman Bat A Rang Cost: USD $5.91
Batman Grappling Hook see more Batman Grappling Hook Cost: USD $7.91
Battle Saw Gun see more Battle Saw Gun Cost: USD $13.91
Battle Sword see more Battle Sword Cost: USD $7.91
Big Meat Cleaver see more Big Meat Cleaver Cost: USD $16.91
Big Tex Holster Set see more Big Tex Holster Set Cost: USD $26.91
Big Tex Pistol see more Big Tex Pistol Cost: USD $22.91
Bilbo Baggins Sword see more Bilbo Baggins Sword Cost: USD $13.91
Billy Club Deluxe see more Billy Club Deluxe Cost: USD $5.91
Bladed Weapon see more Bladed Weapon Cost: USD $6.91
Bleeding Machete see more Bleeding Machete Cost: USD $7.91
Bloody Weapons Knife see more Bloody Weapons Knife Cost: USD $5.91
Boba Fett Blaster see more Boba Fett Blaster Cost: USD $26.91
Bow & Arrow Archer 24 In see more Bow & Arrow Archer 24 In Cost: USD $5.91
Broadsword Roman see more Broadsword Roman Cost: USD $5.91
Bull Whip 7 Foot see more Bull Whip 7 Foot Cost: USD $5.91
Butcher Knife see more Butcher Knife Cost: USD $5.91
Butcher Knife Glow see more Butcher Knife Glow Cost: USD $3.91
Butchers Meat Hook see more Butchers Meat Hook Cost: USD $15.91
Cad Adult Gun Belt see more Cad Adult Gun Belt Cost: USD $35.91
Cad Bane Child Gun Belt see more Cad Bane Child Gun Belt Cost: USD $33.91
Calvary Sword see more Calvary Sword Cost: USD $5.91
Calvary Sword 36In Purple see more Calvary Sword 36In Purple Cost: USD $39.91
Calvary Sword 36In Red see more Calvary Sword 36In Red Cost: USD $39.91
Caribbean Pirate Kit see more Caribbean Pirate Kit Cost: USD $10.91
Cat O Nine Tails Economy see more Cat O Nine Tails Economy Cost: USD $5.91
Caveman Club see more Caveman Club Cost: USD $5.91
Chain Lg Brown Rusted see more Chain Lg Brown Rusted Cost: USD $16.91
Chained Dagger see more Chained Dagger Cost: USD $9.91
Chainmail Steel Adult Shirt see more Chainmail Steel Adult Shirt Cost: USD $149.91
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