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Flap your wings and fly into our wing accessory page this holiday season. We have all kinds of wings to suit you. From a beautiful monarch butterfly to a dazzling fairy princess to a heavenly angel, to a devilish vixen we have many styles to fit the flavor of your halloween costume. You'll be leaving bits of glitter and magical fairy dust everywhere you fly to! The world is a little bit faster when you have wings because flying is simple. All wings are lightweight and stylish. Don't forget to check out our other accessories to compliment your wings, such as halos and petticoats, tights and bras!

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Angel Club Accessory Kit see more Angel Club Accessory Kit Cost: USD $9.91
Angel Instant Adult see more Angel Instant Adult Cost: USD $5.91
Angel Wing With Halo Set see more Angel Wing With Halo Set Cost: USD $8.91
Angel Wings Feather see more Angel Wings Feather Cost: USD $59.95
Angel Wings Kids Costume see more Angel Wings Kids Costume Cost: USD $21.91
Angel Wings White see more Angel Wings White Cost: USD $13.91
Bat Wings Large Black see more Bat Wings Large Black Cost: USD $71.91
Bat Wings Sm-Med Red see more Bat Wings Sm-Med Red Cost: USD $39.91
Bee Kit Adult see more Bee Kit Adult Cost: USD $8.91
Bee Kit Child see more Bee Kit Child Cost: USD $7.91
Bee Set see more Bee Set Cost: USD $14.91
Butterfly Wings see more Butterfly Wings Cost: USD $15.91
Cape Devil Black see more Cape Devil Black Cost: USD $17.91
Cape Devil Red see more Cape Devil Red Cost: USD $19.91
Dark Nymph Wings Red see more Dark Nymph Wings Red Cost: USD $6.91
Demonette Wings Black see more Demonette Wings Black Cost: USD $15.91
Demonette Wings Red see more Demonette Wings Red Cost: USD $9.91
Devil Club Accessory Kit see more Devil Club Accessory Kit Cost: USD $9.91
Fairy Wings Opal Blue see more Fairy Wings Opal Blue Cost: USD $9.91
Fairy Wings Opal Pink see more Fairy Wings Opal Pink Cost: USD $9.91
Fairy Wings Opal Purple see more Fairy Wings Opal Purple Cost: USD $9.91
Fallen Angel Mask & Wings see more Fallen Angel Mask & Wings Cost: USD $39.91
Wings Adult Angel see more Wings Adult Angel Cost: USD $19.91
Wings Adult Bat see more Wings Adult Bat Cost: USD $15.91
Wings Angel Sm see more Wings Angel Sm Cost: USD $11.95
Wings Azarelle Purple see more Wings Azarelle Purple Cost: USD $37.91
Wings Bat Adult see more Wings Bat Adult Cost: USD $15.91
Wings Bat Lace see more Wings Bat Lace Cost: USD $8.91
Wings Bee see more Wings Bee Cost: USD $6.91
Wings Black Lace Corset see more Wings Black Lace Corset Cost: USD $8.91
Wings Butterfly see more Wings Butterfly Cost: USD $10.91
Wings Butterfly Black see more Wings Butterfly Black Cost: USD $17.91
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